" Guides that have superior strength and time proven results "

Bullseye Quickloads are designed for vertical and horizontal adjustability, also designed for boat trailers with  rear frame step . Bullseye Quickloads  are over engineered for strength. If you want a strong boat guide you have to build a strong frame mount. Bullseye Quickloads have a industrial strength trailer frame mounting system (not just a small attachment bracket) our mounts are thick laser cut steel with stiffener plates welded in the correct locations. The upper horizontal  and vertical outrigger assemblies are heavy wall steel construction, all professionally welded. Bullseye Quickloads are not  flimsy visual aids, they are serious equipment that will take the punishment and will absolutely control your boat during the loading process. Bullseye Quickloads delivers adjustability and superior strength over most aftermarket boat guide on systems. Bullseye Quickloads are simple to adjust, drill one hole, then install and tighten bolts, all adjustments are locked vertically and horizontally to fit your boat and trailer combination. Two universal model choices...The 4 pack provides a perfect load every time. (4 point control) and the 2 pack is for those who just need a little extra help. ( bow loads fine but the stern doesn't or visa versa)     Made in the USA.                                 

Designed/Engineered for boats up to 21 feet in length, the BullsEye Quick Load HD system is equipment that is easy and fast to install on your trailer,( 8-10 minutes per unit). Bullseye provides a patented push button lock vertical swivel system that can be switched between loading and traveling modes. The Quick Load HD ensures consistent smooth centered loading, while protecting your hull during loading operations. A typical guide-on is 2"-4" from each side of boat, these guides may get you on the trailer, but are you center? the BullsEye Quick Load system, loads you truly straight, every time. Protecting your investment, Loading your boat in a fraction of the time, with far less wear and tear on boat hull and trailer equipment.

  • One person operation  TYPICAL LOAD UNDER 30 SECONDS (It doesn't matter whether your a novice or a seasoned pro, this system will center your boat on the trailer)

  • The Bullseye quickload system is a NO BRAINER. The closer your guides are to your boat during loading, the straighter your boat is going be on your trailer after loading. The bullseye quickload system has a centering mechanism (patented) which allows you to load your boat tight to guides yet allows you to travel with no contact or rubbing. See load and travel positions ( click here for demonstration )

  • True heavy duty construction - No disappointments!. All components are built above industry standards, they're hand built one at a time. Not mass-produced.   Standard color is Black, and all bolt hardware is zinc plated. Height of guide from top of trailer frame is approximately 18-20"  Bullseye quickloads have a proven track record with positive feed back on function and strength.  ( click here for specifications )

  • Simple, Bolt-on Installation: Everything you need is in the kit, only one hole to drill. BullsEye Quick load units are a universal fit. They fit trailer frames 4"x1.5",4"x2", 3"x2"and 3"x3" with U-bolt attachments. Also fits boat trailers with rear frame steps ( click here for rear step instructions )  2 additional holes are required for the rear step installation.      

  • Plastic contact points to provide ample protection.

  • BullsEye Quick Load HD Installation (Click here for full installation instructions) Please note: If you own a Lund Boat and order a Lund Bullseye Kit, no drilling is required. The side profile has been engineered and predrilled for a perfect Lund Boat fit.


Have a 2 Pack or 4 Pack question, Installation question or Lund kit question give me a call at 816-674-5681... Ask for Chuck. Pricing: 2 Pack $475.00, (2 Pack shipping $20.00) Pricing: 4 Pack $800.00 (4 Pack shipping $50.00) Ships continental US Only *no international shipping.

General information required to complete an order will be trailer frame rail size (typically 2"wide,3"tall called 2x3 or       2"wide 4" tall called 2x4) , Lund kit yes or no, Shipping address and payment.                          

To Order please call  816-674-5681