Thanks, BullsEye, July I Purchased a set of bullseye quick loads. Man what a difference. I fish alone several times a week. The first time I loaded the boat. I thought, no way. So I loaded the boat two more times. I went on center all three times. It has been going on center ever since. A real time saver, I really like how you can switch from load to travel, that's pretty handy and a cool feature. Just switch the guide to travel after loading the boat and there's no rubbing while on the road. A good piece of mind. Also visibility is better when backing my trailer in the water.

Thanks again.

James Huntley


Great product, I have a set of bulls eye quick loads on my 2004 Procraft Pro185 Bass Boat. After several trips to the lake, I don't think I'll be taking them off any time soon. They are fantastic. I have been in some very high winds and my boat went on center of my trailer the first time every time. I have told many people about them, and this weekend I will tell my bass club about them too.

Thank you,   Ed in Independance, Mo


Dear Bullseye Quickload

My family lives in Washington state and we have Bullseye quickloads on our boat trailer. Before bullseye my husband always had to back the trailer into the water then, then go get the boat and load it. Once we put the Quickloads on the trailer he decided to have me give it a try, after all we heard that anyone could load a boat using the Quickloads. The first time he had  me load the boat it had begun to rain and the wind wasn't exactly calm. I was nervous because the weather and i hadn't loaded a boat in several years......Wow! I drove the boat onto the trailer, the quickloads did their job to perfection; my hubby hooked the boat to the trailer, and WALA, we were out of the water. I have to say my husband isn't generous with compliments but he actually gave me an atta girl and was impressed at how well the Quickloads worked.

Our fishing trips now end in smiles since nobody is frustrated with loading the boat. Now we actually fight over who has to back the trailer and who gets to load the boat.....Thanks for making our fishing trips fun from beginning to end.

Klennert family, 


  Bulls Eye Quickload

When I retired, moving from Alaska to Texas in 2010, I purchased a Caravelle Interceptor to play with, mostly in Lake Georgetown and Travis, in Austin. Most of my water time was alone, so launching and retrieval was definitely multi-tasking. I contacted Chuck after reading about the BullsEye QuickLoad system, he modified a 2-pack to fit the streamlined hull design. They were so effective, my 16 year old granddaughter was able to drive the boat onto the trailer at the ramp, setting it in the middle every time. Her first couple of landings were a little fast, she hit hard and off target on approach, but the strength of these guides handled those hits just fine, no flexing at all. These things are heavy duty! Needless to say I got lots of attention around local ramps. After selling the boat, leaving Texas for Washington State in 2013, I bought a Skeeter SK2000, 20’ bass boat, commonly called the aircraft carrier of bass boats, wide and long. Since I’m the only fisherman, my splash time is almost always alone or with an inexperienced fisherman aboard. I contacted Chuck again, this time ordering a 4-pack, which made things even more straightforward. The hull design of the Skeeter being unique and wide, I contacted Chuck, and we found a cure. I thought the videos of loading with no hands was a gimmick until I experienced it for myself. Both times I had issues I couldn’t work out, calling Chuck, chatting about our experiences in Alaska (Chuck lived many years just North of my home in Anchorage), by the time we were done “bench fishin”, everything was good to go. Besides landing the boat on the trailer like a pro every time, the best thing about these guides is the loading/travel feature, which moves the guides from the perfect loading distance from the hull to a perfect distance away when rotated – no chafing or rubbing whatsoever. Here in Washington I fish the Columbia and Snake Rivers, sometimes dealing with big wind and varied current (depending on the dam authority flow requirements), but none of that is an issue. I see others waiting in the small boat harbor for the wind to die down, for me it’s “outta my way boys, coming through”! the best show in town is watching others up to their waist trying to square their boat on the bunks, none of that for me! Great job Chuck, BullsEye has it going on in a big way! 

Larry Mulneaux, Tri-Cities, Washington


Thanks Bullseye,

 I would like to take the opportunity to share with everyone the success I have had with these load guides. It does not matter whether it is windy or the lake is still, your boat will be easy to load. I have used a set of 4 guides for 5 years on my fiberglass boat. Guarantee they will not scuff or mark your boat. I am in process of purchasing new boat and trailer. No need to purchase new guides, call Chuck and he will assist you in how to change over to different trailer. I unloaded my boat on a unusual ramp this year. Only way to successfully load boat was to sink rear load guides and leave the from guides out of water. Basically float boat onto trailer, secure, drive forward slowly allowing the front guides to keep boat straight and then align with rear guides with boat gradually seated on trailer in proper position. My new trailer will come with rear guides, but I plan to install a set on my new trailer. Only possible difference is u-bolt size may vary from old trailer. If so, just call Chuck and he has the proper size you may need.After 5 years use guides are still very good condition. Product is made with quality grade material. No need to worry about material bending of flexing. Very Pleased

Kennon Noble 



I have a Basscat Panterra II and have never had an issue loading the boat even in high winds due to the design of the trailer until I tried to load the boat on a steep ramp where I had to back the trailer further in which let the back of the boat to float around not letting the boat settle on the bunkers.  After lots of researching the web I found the Bullseye Quick Load.  I was very impressed with what I read and saw. After visiting with Chuck several times I decided to give a 2 pack a try.  Loaded boat on the same steep ramp and had no problems at all.  Great product and thanks to Chuck for all of the advice and his product.  I may purchase another pair for the front of the trailer just to make it even easier
when I'm at other difficult ramps.  By the way, Chuck was extremely helpful and willing to talk anytime.  He even called me.  Thanks again Chuck.  I am impressed with your product.

Emmett Saltzman
Eagle Mountain Lake


Bullseye Quickload Review

 I must say that everything you see and read about this product on this web site is accurate. I am extremely happy I ordered them and would order them again.
   I purchased a 4 pack for my Lund 1625 Fury XL Sport. I had an issue of not having enough clearance between the top of the trailer frame and the bottom of the boat to fit the 1 1/2" x 2" tubing for the rear guides. I contacted Chuck and gave him a couple of measurements. He came up with a solution just as perfect as the original design. This issue is the same for Lund 1650 Rebel owners.
   Do they  work? Yes they do. The ramp at the lake I normally go slopes towards the Starboard side. As you can imagine, it was difficult for this old disabled vet to get my boat centered. More difficult if there is a cross wind. This is no longer a problem after installing BullsEye Quick Load. When installing the load guides, I left 1/8" clearance between the boat and the guides. Thus making the boat centered every time with ease, even on windy days. My boat is loaded correctly every time the first time. No more backing up and reattempting to load my boat.
   Chuck has a good thinker on his shoulders and glad he put it to good use. These guides has made loading my a simple task.

Kip B 


Thank You so much for a GREAT and sturdy product. Now days you buy a new boat and trailer thinking it is better that what you had 20 years ago and find  out that they left out "what you were used to". in this case the side stabilizers for windy loading conditions. Well now I have the best! The first use with your product was wonderful, easy, and no more scrapes on my new boat or trailer. This sure beats the cheap, aftermarket crap they have on the market.



 Great product

 With just a couple of pictures That I sent to bullseye, chuck was able to fabricate custom mounting brackets that worked great without modifying my trailer. Without bullseye guides trying to load an 18 foot jet boat on a trailer when the Yellowstone river is roaring due to the spring thaw was a bit difficult to say the least. This product has taken the only thing not fun (other than getting stuck on a sandbar) out of boating on the river.

 Thanks bullseye for a high quality product.